Virtual Bookkeeping and Payroll Services to help you better manage your business while we take the stress away, take care of your books, and give you time back!

A message from Cathy Krupa:

“I am from East Windsor where I live with my husband and two sons. We enjoy spending time in nature, observing God’s beauty around us.

Recently on my life journey, my husband and I discovered we needed health in our lives. As we started our lifestyle change, I realized health is not solely physical. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health are factors that play a deeper role than the appearance we see in the mirror.

Likewise, our businesses need more than one type of health to succeed.

Bookkeeping is one of those items in our businesses that is too easy to lay aside. Like diets, we promise we will be good tomorrow and stick to our well meaning plan. Then, we drop the ball. Our kids need our help, dinner needs cooked, or a family member needs our attention. Suddenly, our financial statements are a wreck.

CK Bookkeeping LLC can make sure that never happens to you again. In fact, it is my deepest professional desire to help small businesses enjoy health in their finances”.

Cathy Krupa
CK Bookkeeping LLC