Jimbo Richards comments posted on Facebook.

What a Positive Economic Development Commission meeting we had this last Tuesday.

1st we had a Full quorum with our New Alternate Maria Rumore on hand as well.

. We had great discussions about how to assist New and Existing businesses to to take advantage of our “Tax Incentive Program for Substantial New Investment” in Town of East Windsor.

It is called Ordinance 16-01 and can be found on Town website www.eastwindsorct.com But if your a business you can find out about by contacting Our 1st Selectman Jason Bowzsa 860 623 8122 Jbowsza@eastwindsorct.com or Director of Planning & Development Rueben Flores-Marzan 860 623 6030 RFlores-marzan@eastwindsorct .

While the EDC still feels that at some point an Economic Coordinator would be a benefit to the town but we understand the cost right now is prohibitive so we will try and promote the Town best we can including trying to create a 5 year plan of promotion

Which brings me to the most exciting news- In the middle of Feb. the EDC will be a soft launching it’s first marketing website. (mind I say soft and we will surely have to tweak it a bit after launching).

This like the Parks & Recreation and Education websites will allow those Businesses looking for specifics just on developing or Expanding here now will have a quick way to see what is available in East Windsor. (items like “Incentives” will be easily viewed).

Again it was a great meeting and any Resident or Business that has a “Constructive Thought” on how East Windsor can assist Our Existing Business Community to Succeed or to Grow Our Grand List in Our Commercial Corridors with New Businesses please PM me or email jimbocrichards@gmail.com

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