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Restaurants Located in East Windsor CT 

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*At the Dam Restaurant

Baker & Brew

Belvedere’s Polish Deli 

*Burger King 

Cracker Barrel

*Dunkin Donuts 

*Elizabeths Bar & Restaurant 

Golden Irenes

Good Mornings

Henrys Pizzeria

*Highway 91 Bar & Grill

Hot Cakes

Karo O Bean

Kentucky Fried Chicken 

Jimmy Chens

*Main Street Grille

*Maine Fish Market

Mei Tzu Sushi Bar

*Nutmeg Restaurant

*Nonna’s Pizza

Pickle Jar Deli 

Roberto’s Real American Tavern

Stir the Pot

*Sofia’s Restaurant


Sunny House

Taco Bell

Tomatoes Pizza

Village Pizza II  


Zheng’s Chinese Restaurant