The East Windsor Chamber of Commerce was asked to share the following Update from Our Town’s 1st Selectmen Jason Bowsza regarding the recent flare up of a Covid 19 Cluster.

It is important for Our Community’s Health for Both Businesses and Consumers to Practice Social Distancing,Wear a Mask  etc.

1st Selectman’s Bowsza’s Update: 

The recent hotspot flare up in a local farm camp serve as a good reminder that the community needs to continue to maintain good health practices, especially in public places like our businesses. 

We as a community have done very well, with the exceptions of one local convalescent facility and now one farm camp. 

Please continue your good work and follow the guidelines outlined by the Department of Economic and Community Development, which can be found at  

Jason E. Bowsza

First Selectman

Town of East Windsor

11 Rye Street

Broad Brook, CT  06016