Update from DECD -Feb 9th 2021

Yesterday the governor announced new features and tools on business.ct.gov, making it easier to find the information and services needed for businesses to launch or continue to grow. Using direct feedback from local entrepreneurs, we will continue to update and improve Connecticut’s one-stop business portal, originally launched in July 2020.

New features include:

Customizable Resource Center: Centralizes 170 different programs providing financial, technical, and equity-based support for business owners in any stage of their business lifecycle. Users can receive personalized recommendations for resources and save them all into a powerful, tailored collection that stays inside their account.

Business Dashboard: Once logged in, users will see a dynamic, content-rich dashboard that cuts down on the time needed to find crucial business information, link companies to state compliance needs, and equip business owners with vital, time-sensitive alerts that can impact their business.

Connecticut COVID-19 Content: Users will find the latest updates on the COVID-19 pandemic right from their dashboard. This includes point-of-time data with direct access points for deeper exploration of vaccination numbers, positive cases, business and employer resources, and official state guidance.

Business.ct.gov consolidates critical information from multiple state agencies and translates complex requirements into simpler, easy-to-understand language. Since its launch, more than 2,500 new businesses have started up in Connecticut with the help of business.ct.gov.

I encourage you to visit the site and explore the new features and resources for yourself.


David Lehman, Commissioner
david.lehman@ct.gov, (860) 500-2310