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UPDATE from EWEF on East Windsor Panthers Take Back JV Sports

UPDATE From the East Windsor Education Foundation  on the

East Windsor Panthers Take Back JV Sports Campaign!

So far the Go Fund Page is showing $7669 and Checks being sent to the East Windsor Education Foundation PO Box have started to come in (Thank You Dale Nelson for the $100 Donation.)

Still time to help the Campaign raise the $20,000 required!

It’s Easy:

  1. Make Checks payable to East Windsor High School
  2. Mail your Checks to  EWEF PO Box 270 Broad Brook CT 06016. (No amount is too small).
  3. Feel Good about helping Your Communities Student Athletes.

**Note the EWEF is a Member of the EWCC and is glad to be assisting in the Fundraising for Our Student Athletes.

Previous Story:

East Windsor Education Foundation encourages You to donate to assist Our JV Youth Student Athletes this year. There is a Go Fund page  but if Your Business wishes to donate please see the following message in regards to sending a Check.(please email Jimbo Richards of President of the East Windsor Education Foundation at jimbocrichards@gmail.com so we can announce Your Donation)Goal is $20,000(see update below:

*ALL checks must be made out to: EAST WINDSOR HIGH SCHOOL
Please send to East Windsor Education Foundation
                         President Jimbo Richards
                         PO Box 270
                         Broad Brook CT 06016
Please send for us to receive Prior to July 31st,  ALL CHECKS together, with a letter of earmarking.
We are asking people NOT to send checks directly to the school so we may track them directly from start to finish.
This is the Story behind the Request-

East Windsor Panthers Take Back JV Sports

An Update from the Go Fund me Page:

Update 1
Posted by Jeffrey Ostrout

At 4 days in we have received $4529, 46 donations, and 642 shares. We are on track to hit 25% of our goal today and we know that our likelihood of success increases upon hitting that mark!We are so exited about the level of support received and feel confident we will give our kids this amazing gift from the community far and wide


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